Real Estate Law

There are a multitude of details involved in buying a home and during the process it’s very common to become both excited and overwhelmed. At Ring Law we will get into those details by analyzing your mortgage, work with realtors and inspectors, do a complete review your title work, and oversee your closing. Your job will be to let us do the legal work so you can enjoy your new home.

Selling your home can also be one of the most interesting and exciting thing you do. However, the process can be both complicated and overwhelming for many home owners. We have the experience of facilitating real estate transactions and will help you through each step of the transaction. From working with realtors, to dealing with financing and inspections, reviewing and advising on offers, and overseeing the closing, we will be there to ensure that your sale goes through as smoothly as possible.

Are you looking to Rent? That is also another area of our expertise. We also offer preparation of lease/rental agreements for landlords and property owners, as well as review and analysis of real estate lease/rental agreements for tenants. Yes, we understand both sides of the transaction.

If you need legal help with a real estate issue or transaction, we have the experience to make sure that your interests are fully protected.