Family Law

We work with clients in all areas of family law including;

As a lawyer, Ring Law has experience in helping families adopting children in Ohio and children who reside outside of Ohio. We are especially aware of the emotional, legal and fiscal challenges for parents seeking to adopt a child. Ring Law provides valuable counsel as both a parent and lawyer.

Many families need to secure a guardianship for a loved one who has become disabled. In some circumstances a power of attorney for property and for health care may avoid the necessity of a court ordered guardianship. Ring Law counsels families on the proper course of action appropriate to their needs.

Anyone contemplating divorce needs the advice of a lawyer. In many circumstances a divorce need not be an extremely contentious. However, even an uncontested dissolution of a marriage has significant legal issues to be resolved. Ring Law counsels and represents clients in uncontested cases with a focus on representing the client with a minimum of contention and expense.